Sapphiria Space Program

Page last modified on 10.08.2014 11:47 Uhr

The Sapphiria Space Program is a collection of data and software addons with the theme of astronomy and spaceflight in the world of Sapphiria.

This includes a virtual model of the Sapphira solar system for the free planetarium software Celestia and a collection of technical Data on spacecraft like the "Morning Star" rocket.
In the long term there are plans for solar system and spacecraft addons for the freeware spaceflight simulator Orbiter.
If decide to buy the infamous game "Kerbal Space Program" sometime I may also create some part addons for that as well, but I can't make any promises as I currently have hardly enough time for my other projects.

For a more detailed description from the perspective of an addon user, especially if you are not familiar with my world building activities, see About SSP.