Manual - Morning Star 5

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This article refers to an addon that is currently still in development and has not been released yet!

Project "Morning Star"

The "Morning Star", despite sharing its name not only with a celestial body but also an instrument of war, is a civilian spacecraft and even one of the first to be made in collaboration between the United Dwarven Realms and an alliance of human-ruled states. (Dwarves usually call the weapon a "spiked mace" anyway and the humans also primarily thought of the celestial body and... well, it's not the first time somebody made a naming choice that turned out be suboptimal later.)

The "Morning Star 5" series of spacecraft are designed for manned flights to low and medium orbits with a planned duration of up to 10 days, supporting a crew of three. It is capable of docking to space stations and other vessels and two modified versions of the original vehicle exist.
The first has additional boosters attached to the liftoff stage to allow lunar flybys, which was, however, quickly replaced by craft dedicated to and more suitable for flights to the moons. Nevertheless, the construction using boosters is still used for launching a modified version of the orbital module which can also carry larger cargo payloads.

Orbiter installation

Project "Morning Star" is mainly developed for Orbiter 2010 p1 (version 100830) and will likely be incompatible with older versions.
If you have any problems with this version or newer ones, please let me know via PM on the Orbiter Forum.

Other addons

Project "Morning Star" currently does not actively support any other add-ons but there are plans for the three "universal" add-ons by DanSteph ( UCGO, OrbiterSound and UMmu.