About the Sapphiria Space Program

Page last modified on 10.08.2014 11:56 Uhr

In short, the Sapphiria Space Program is my way of combining quite a few things that interest me: Outer space, computer simulations, game modding and... fantasy worlds. Not just science fiction, but also the "magical" kind of fantasy, the one based on romanticized images of the distant past and mythical beings.

"Sapphiria" is the name of a world which has things many things found in "classical" fantasy, but is not limited to an medieval-feeling era. Instead, much of it is supposed to be set in more modern times, which lead me to the conclusion that there should be a space exploration program.
Sapphiria is a world that doesn't take itself too seriously but isn't made just for laughs either. The Orbiter addons based on this world are meant to reflect this: Fun comes before realism, but not to the point where the gimmicks would require bending even the rules of "fantasy physics", which sometimes depend on "magic", but are still internally consistent. Doing otherwise would be pretty difficult in a simulator like Orbiter anyway.
For discussion of my Orbiter addons or to check for new release, see me at the Orbiter Forum, http://orbiter-forum.com/.

If you are interested in my world-building project "Sapphiria" or addons and documentation currently in development currently are also welcome to visit my website http://www.pollimatrix.de/MainEN.
If you understand German you can also check out the other parts of my website or my forum posts at http://www.weltenbastler.net/forum3/ for further and more up to date info on my fantasy world(s).